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Wine Investment

Laying down a cellar of fine wine may once have been the preserve of the super-rich but now it is a fine way to diversify and improve your investment portfolio. Your investment could start from as little as £500 though a more balanced portfolio of wines would start in the £5,000 region. in 1991 the new Chateau Margaux vintage 1990 was realease at £395, on the open market now it sells for £12000! However you are not going to pop down to your local bargain bucket wine shop, stick their offer of the week in the cellar and wait for the money to stack up. There are rules to be followed, guidelines to be followed.

1990 Vintages Opening Price Recent Auction Price 24 Year % Increase
Cheval Blanc £370 £11,300 2954%
Margaux £400 £12,000 2900%
Le Pin £780 £50,000 6310%
Haut Brion £250 £7,000 3703%
Latour £250 £7,000 3703%
Petrus £458 £48,000 10300%

Wine is a genuinely good investment. At the top end of the market it holds its value very well and, as the example above shows, can produce remarkable returns. As an investment it outperforms stocks and shares, property, works of art and most other investments which are within the reach of an average pension plan. As a commodity it has natural advantages. There will never be another supply of Mouton Rothschild 2005 and every bottle drunk increases the rarity value. It also has tax advantages which are complicated to explain in detail, but essentially the Revenue has ruled that wine is a non-taxable asset providing you are not setting yourself up as a dealer.

Interested? For more information drop us a line if you´d like us to send out a wine investment brochure or click the image below to download the file.