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Return Policy

Wineye are always intent on providing goods and services of the highest quality. There may on occasion be an issue regarding goods which are deemed faulty, and we will do our utmost to resolve this issue as expediently as possible.

We accept full liability for contents of bottles supplied in poor condition, but as this condition cannot generally be ascertained prior to sale we reserve the right to refuse liability for products which we consider to have bottle maturation beyond which the stability and condition of the contents becomes variable. This maturation is non-standardised and and we retain the right to make a professional judgment on it.

Please also note that 'Cork Taint' on driven corked wines is a long standing issue over which we as merchants have no control and as such we retain the right to refuse liability but to make a gesture of goodwill to clients whom experience this problem with wines purchased from Wineye. This gesture will usually be 40% of the original cost paid for the bottle(s) in question.